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Navy SEALs Rescue 2 Held Captive in Somalia

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American commandos dropped into Somalia on Tuesday night to rescue two aid workers who were held hostage, including an American, the Pentagon announced Wednesday.
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In Run-Up to Somalia Raid, Secrecy and Business As Usual

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President Obama's business-as-usual demeanor as he delivered the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening masked a secret known only to him and a few others in the House chamber. Thousands of miles away, a strike team led by the Navy’s SEAL Team 6 were completing a successful operation to free two Western aid workers, an American and a Dane, held by Somali kidnappers since October.
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Hostage Rescued in Somalia Raid

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Navy SEALs parachuted into one of the world's most dangerous places.

January 23, 1981

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Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President the same day that the Iranian hostages are released after being held for nearly 15 months.