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From the Vault: Washington Week Remembers Mandela (Part Two)

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On June 26, 1990, Washington Week devoted an entire show to Nelson Mandela's visit to the U.S. since his release from Robben Island. In this second of two parts, Paul Duke moderated a package on Mandela's visits to NY, Boston, the UN, White House and Capitol Hill.

Watch part 1 of the episode here

From the Vault: Washington Week Remembers Mandela (Part One)

Vault Show

On June 26, 1990, Washington Week devoted an entire show to Nelson and Winnie Mandela's visit to the U.S. In this first of two parts, Paul Duke moderated a package on Mandela's trips to New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. where he visited President George H.W. Bush at the White House and a speech to a joint meeting of Congress.

Watch part 2 of this episode here

From the Vault: 1998 Embassy Bombings

Vault Show

U.S. special forces captured suspected al-Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Libi during a raid in Libya this weekend.  Al-Libi is expected to be tried in court for his role in the 1998 embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya.  We look back in our Vault to August 7, 1998, the day of the bombings, when Robin Wright of The Los Angeles Times discussed the early investigation into the attacks.

The Backstory: Reflections on 47-years of Washington Week

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On February 23, 1967, the public television station in Washington, DC, WETA,  launched a new public affairs roundtable program called Washington Week in Review.

47-years later, Washington Week continues as a venerable staple of PBS programming every Friday night.

The one constant: announcer Paul Anthony, who has been with the program since the very beginning.  He shares his Backstory reflections on the early days and evolution of the longest running primetime news program on television.


Clinton's 2nd Inaugural

Vault Show

As the country prepares for President Obama's second term, we look into our vault to January 23, 1997 when President Bill Clinton had just been sworn into his second term, and our panelists examined his projected priorities and challenges.

From the Vault: Remembering David Broder

Vault Show

Remembering Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and long time Washington Week panelist David Broder one year after his passing. Watch a tribute to a dear colleague and friend. Watch the memorial service.

Our 25th Anniversary

Vault Show

Washington Week marks its 45th year on the air this week making it TV's longest running prime time news and public affairs program. To mark this milestone we pulled a clip from the 25th anniversary broadcast hosted by long-time moderator Paul Duke. It’s a wonderful retrospective of some of the stories, journalists and events that have shaped Washington Week for more than four decades.

Voice of the Voters: Maine

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With Maine's GOP Caucus winding up, how are people getting their information to judge the candidates? Washington Week partnered with the University of Maine to find out. Student reporter Kylie Keene looks at how voters get their news and the generational difference in the age of new media. Plus, the issues that are important in this presidential election year to voters in Maine.

Same-Sex Marriage

Vault Show

A federal appeals court has declared California's Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Take a look back at the original case from the August 2010 vault. 

March 19, 2010

Weekly Show

Gwen and the panel examine the particulars, the process, and the hurdles that remain in the countdown to health care reform.